Hi pals,

As prices for product and shipping continue to rise annually, we too must make adjustments to our prices. This is the first price adjustment we have made in roughly 5 years as we felt our prices reflected a competitive market with unique products, on top of being one of the few powerlifting brand that makes and fulfills product on-site and in-store. We work hard to bring you the best products that we can at the most affordable prices. Please note the following items will be adjusted in price:

  • Hoodies - from $45 USD to $48 USD or $3 increase.
  • Tees - from $25 USD to $28 USD or $3 increase.
  • Shorts - from $36 USD to $40 USD or $4 increase.
  • Socks - from $15 USD to $10 USD or $5 decrease.
  • Hats - from $35 USD to $30 USD or $5 decrease.

Furthermore, shipping rates have been adjusted and have decreased 20-50% to the USA and up to 30% decrease across Canada. We believe overall that these adjustments will balance your orders and you won't see any real additional price changes. 

These price adjustments will take effect immediately. This action allows us to stay competitive in our niche and continue with fair market pricing for quality product. As always, 12 or more orders gets you 25% off for life and we always appreciate your support. 

- Jordan, Lucie & Lola.