Where's my order?

• When you place an order, you'll receive a confirmation email and a shipping confirmation email. Inside your shipping confirmation email is your tracking number. Once your parcel leaves our hands, we have no control over the speed or delivery of your parcel. So if it's not with us and it's not with you, it's on the way. 

Why does my tracking say "In Transit" yet doesn't update?

• Our courier doesn't scan parcels into locations like others do, when it's says it's in transit, that means it's on it's way to you and we have no further information regarding the parcel until it reaches you.

I ordered stuff but forgot to include a discount, can you fix this for me?

• No. 


• It's your responsibility to include any discount codes when you intend to use them.

The postal service lost my package and I didn't buy tracking. Can you send another?

• No. We do not replace orders that do not purchase tracking. By placing your order without tracking, you adhere to this agreement. We do not get these orders back nor do we receive any compensation for the loss. Again, we will work closely with you to find a resolution, but please also work with us. We're a small 2-person husband/wife operation and hate the post office just as much as you do. 

This is dumb. Why do you do this?

• Glad you asked. In the early years of the business we had no way to confirm customers received their parcels. A handful thought it would be a great idea to take advantage of this situation and say they never received. But the Internet is a fun place where people can't keep secrets, so a few of the people actually posted about it on their social media. I found out about it and now here we are. Hence, this policy being put into place. What they say is true, a few bad apples really do spoil the bunch. I hate to do it and I hate even more to enforce it, but policies are set in place for a reason and this is really the only one I'm strict on. Sorry pals.

The postal service lost my package, but I bought tracking. Can you send another?

• Yes. Since we can legitimately work alongside the courier that misplaced the parcel, we can confirm the parcel never made it to you and issue a resolve. Please only contact us after the (NEW Covid-19) standard shipping times have been reached.

I've emailed about my order but haven't heard back. Why?

• We do not respond back to these emails if they fall within the standard timeframe of shipping. Due to Covid-19, we are only estimating delivery times and it's best that you err on the side of later than sooner. We're also in the middle of a pandemic, that kinda slows the world down a bit. Please be patient. 

Can you send me stuff for free and I'll promote it?

• No. Get a fucking job you bum.

I need to make an exchange. How can I do that?

• You can email us at admin AT bacon and barbells DOT co (not dot com) and we will be happy to let you know about the exchange process. Exchanges can only be done within the first 5 days of receiving. Beyond that, I'm gonna assume your butt sweat is already somewhere in it. 

Can I return an item?

• Of course. See above for our email address and we will be happy to find a resolve for your situation. 

Do you send return shipping labels?

• No. Shipping is paid for by the customer. We will pay the return shipping on our behalf, but we really prefer you double/triple check and/or email us before placing your order if you have any issues with sizing.

Why is my banner shipping separately from my order? Am I being charged double shipping?

• Our banner supplier is doing this on our behalf to reduce Covid-19 transmission. Banners are shipped directly from the warehouse by either UPS, Purolator, Canada Post or International couriers. You are not charged any additional shipping for this. We absorb the cost of the separate shipping as it is something we have worked out with our supplier. Relationships are rad. 

Can I come to your store?

Yes, just no weirdos or jerks. We are typically at the store Tuesday to Saturday 12-5pm. Please book an appointment ahead of time, as I am constantly running errands for the business like shipping parcels and cannot always be at the store. 

Where is it located?

169B Woolwich Street in the beautiful downtown of Guelph, Ontario, Canada.